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Our Expertise

Our comprehensive range of services and solutions means we can guarantee success for every company we advise, no matter the size or industry.

It is the first and the most important part of the plan, irrespective of the project capitalization. Prior to the beginning of the project realization our company studies all possible variants of investment decisions, and in particular defines the relationship between risk and return of the Project. The analysis meets all requirements, standards and norms and reflects all sequence of integrated engineering, construction, expenses for the manufacturing equipment and provides guidance on Investment Project recoupment.

"Basiquipment" coordinates all types of available resources during all life cycle of the Project by the use of Project management methodology that brings to targeted results.

"Basiquipment" takes part in the integrated technological design of the objects. This is effected by efforts of our specialists as well as in close cooperation with well-known project organizations. Our aim is not only searching of the functionally effective solutions, but also satisfaction of the client's wishes.

Project analysis
Project management

"Basiquipment" controls and realizes all range of the start-up and adjustment works that are executed during preparation and individual testing period and during the period of the integrated testing of the equipment. This work covers all technological system of the object, that is, a complex of technological and all other kinds of the equipment and pipelines, electrical and sanitary-engineering and other devices and automation systems that provide the rollout of the first production lot, stipulated by the Project.

Construction and assembling work is a very complicated and important stage of construction. "Basiquipment " controls and realizes all mounting work process of any degree of complexity and under any conditions. We cooperate only with highly skilled experts in the different countries with a long-term operational experience. We work with the newest technologies and guarantee an individual approach to each client taking into account their wishes.

We attach a big importance to equipment selection, its quality and price.  "Basiquipment" constructs by our selves and cooperates with a number of equipment manufacturers all over the world. Upon the request of the Customer we can also deliver directly all necessary equipment to the object under construction or modernization.

We choose only the reliable and approved vendors and manufacturers of the equipment. Within the limits of the works execution under the Project we deliver the certificated equipment due to the flexible and modern system of logistic, delivery of the equipment to the object do not disrupt the facility completion deadline.

Equipment selection
Mounting works
Start-up and adjustment
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